A function added by the JIP NVSE Plugin.


This function is an extended version of MessageEx, and enables configuring both the display time and icon of the message.

The icon is a path to a DDS image file (relative to ..\Data\Textures) and is optional. It is passed as a part of the formatted string, before the actual message text, separated by a bar "|" symbol (see example below).


MessageExAlt displayTime:float


 formatVars(up to 20)


MessageExAlt 4 "Interface\Icons\Message Icons\vaultboy_angry.dds|Name is %n%rValue is %g" refVar intVar


  • messageText supports string formatting, and up to 20 variables may be used.
  • The interface icon path can be prefixed with # and then a number from 0 through to an as of yet undetermined number to show default icons. An example of such would be MessageExAlt 3 "#0|Test"

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